I love arc’s and recently alot of my reading list has been on this category. Why you ask? Well I’ll tell you

10. They give you an insight into just how much work goes into a finished copy – if an arc is unedited such as those from Netgalley, you can really see just how ridicubad tired writers spell and format their work and appreciate just how hard publishing companies work to put out a polished release.

9. You can pick apart someone’s bad grammar and not be judged because authors are humans too and the publisher genuinely wants you to let them know when you see an issue.

8. The finished product is always different to the arc – I ran into an issue whereby the arc I received was so early that the story actually changed before it released. And I looked like an idiot for including quotes that no longer existed

7. They have a shiny cover that is generally different to the actual product – Case in point! Goldenhand by Garth Nix. The arc was plain and kind of cool because it only showed part of the character whereas the finished copy was completely different.

6. This one is specific to egalleys. You can be completely unknown to anyone and so long as you are either the nicest person ever or absolutely brutal, publishers continue to want your opinion.

5. Publishers don’t care who you are so long as you are honest. I actually met someone from an Australian publishing company a few weeks ago and commented that I loved one of their upcoming books. They had no idea who I was but still appreciated the feedback. Any other industry and I would have been viewed like I had 3 heads and immediately removed from their mailing lists.

4. You get to keep the greatest secrets of someone’s story but it’s fun because then when it finally launches you can look at your friends faces and enjoy their pain. Basically advance readers are masochists… Just saying.

3.You get to read stuff before anyone else. Sometimes more than six months before. Prime example! I read Muse of Nightmares close to a month ago and I so badly want to spoiler it to my peers because I know what’s coming and I want to shatter a friends world. Once again, masochists…

2. They make you feel a little bit famous because some random person in a publishing house has trusted you to critique someone’s work without any backlash

1. They add to your bookshelf guilt free because you didnt pay for it so you cant get into trouble for hoarding 😂