So when I went to an Australian pop culture event called Supanova on Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast, I greatly enjoyed the weekend while also sneakily entering a random book giveaway that was being run by QBD to promote the authors at their Literary Legends stand. Heading home, I forgot about the competition and went on my merry bookworm way, ignoring my social media because i had exam prep to do.

Fast forward to 8 weeks later and I come home this evening to a collection note announcing I had a package waiting. Confused but intrigued, I headed to my local postie to collect said goods.

Once I got it home, Mr Tookit gave me a stern glare and asked what else I had ordered from the bookstore. I honestly didn’t know so i couldn’t actually be accused of lying. Opening the box, I wasnt sure what to expect but the suprise was amazing! Inside was the first 3 books in the Shannara series, 2 books by Keri Arthur (someone I have never read BUT she was lovely at the con sooo) and 3 by Australian fantasy author extraordinare Ian Irvine. Pleasantly suprised doesnt even cover it.

Therefore I would like to say a very large thankyou to QBD and the organisers of Supanova. My reading list has just gotten longer but its definitely worth it